Oct 23, 2009

Technology has changed our communication, also changed the way we show our feelings.This multiplicity of this information is endless, with amazing systems making our life better, stronger, and faster.My spirit is of an artist. It's a gentle way of looking at life, a feeling that I bring with me always.The human kindness, beauty, the aesthetic harmony has an unusual fasciination over me. When I admire a work of art, a beautiful poem, a sculpture, a painting, creative in and of itself it kindles my spirit to create. For there is a thread of love uniting creator and creation, the soul expressed throught the object. It is the soul of the artist that gives life to the art, and allowing human spirit to touch our heart.So if you have the passion of creativity release it. Let to go like a bird set free from a case. Dream your dreams, give them fight, and take a deep breath of your new life.

Art in ClayThe art of clay is an ancient activity, dating back more tham three thousand before Christ.Today in Bazsil ,The popularty of clay art is widespread. It is a legacy left of the Indians.The Indians women made clay toys for the children and household objects like bowls and pots.The pieces were modeled according to their creativity or need. They were often painted with strong color inspired by nature.

Art in Jewelry
The handmade jewelry always gone hand in hand with the metallurgy.When a piece is annealed to soften it, when we mix copper in silver to create a stronger alloy or when it is warmed for ask to solder run we are using knowledge of centuries of metallurgical.In the 1970s, a branch of metallurgy has taken a big technological leap: the Powder Metallurgy.It is the manufacture of metal parts from powdered metals which are subsequently resigned and replaced by a sintering process at high temperatures, producing parts of complex shapes with greater energy savings and reduced disposal of material, compared to traditional forms - casting and machining.There are about ten years, this new technology arrived at the handmade jewelry, with the creation of products Art Clay Art Clay Silver and 22K Gold. Because the jewelry world is going through a crisis. This occurs for several reasons, including the fact that jewelry were lost, as dream come true for other fashion accessories like handbags and shoes, cars and electronics to art, and another relevant factor was the lack of innovation in jewelry.Without out investing in design, the jewelry has lost its value as art.

Art Clay in jewelry
The main element of differentiation of handcrafted jewelry for the industry is that they are unique. Not only as a unit is not repeated in a production scale, but only since the creation: a custom job, where you see the hand of the artist and where he can express themselves freely. The handmade jewelry is an art form. A leaf harvested from a memorable trip. A flower gift from a dear friend. A ladybug, a branch of a rose, a piece of income: all these materials can be eternalize in a silver jewelry through the use of Art Clay Silver. The Art Clay Silver, a body composed of microscopic grains of pure silver which has the consistency of clay, can be diluted into a paste and applied to organic materials such as leaves and tissues. After drying, these parts are burned - the stove burner or oven to high temperature - and the organic material is consumed completely, leaving behind his impression immortalized in silver.The result is jewelry faithful to the objects that "inspired" - light and delicate, ideal to be applied in earrings and pendants.

Gordon K. Uyehara.
A constant presence among the most significant awards in the competitions of American and Japanese Art Clay Gordon has set new standards in quality, creativity and beauty in the jewelry produced by this technique and gained worldwide notoriety among jewelers and hobbyists by Clay Art . Gordon stresses that we are all artists potential, given that creativity is intrinsic to human, and when they say can’t be creative sometimes just incredible excuses. One his phrases is: "As an artist, the best thing you can do is wake up sleeping". Gordon K. Uyehara is an artist and designer, Senior Instructor of Art Clay in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he resides. The jewelry shown here are his own and can be seen in:




Oct 1, 2009

Zig Zag

Zig Zag
This necklace has great versatility , and is from my handmade designer series , It is can be used both formal and casual, young or oldThese are exciting accessories for exciting individuals by the combination of potato pearls, onyx, snowflake obsidian, striped agate teardrops,some vintage pieces and gold plated chain, clasps.
Metaphysical/Healing Properties
Obsidian snowflake
If you grew up where snow floated down in huge, beautiful flakes, you understand how snowflake obsidian connects us to our earliest, happiest memories, That's the sense of things snowflake obsidian can give us, Like a sky full of beautiful snowflakes, it restores something a deep, abiding sense of protection and reverence.
Striped Agate
Agates were used in ancient times as talismans to protect the wearer from storms, to quench thirst and to bring good luck-all important things for surviving in the subtropics.
If you want buy this piece please acess this link: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31294953
3) - Start by cutting the size of just 2 types of rhinestones and finalize with the tips

- You will also need a pair of pliers (if you have that to cut helps a lot), Jump Rings medium / big one, End caps, clasp bead, Lobster Clasp with ring, Split Ring and finalizing a great super glue.

1 Step

1) - I started picking them thicker chain and large rhinestones ($ 25.00 foot), then I got the pearls ($ 7.00), the small rhinestones (forgotten the price! (Ah Ah ah) and thin chains ($ 1.50 at $ 15.00 foot).

Note: I suggest purchasing the glass beads because, although more expensive, do not peel as easily and are more beautiful !


Do it by yourself

This necklace is not hard to do, the trick is to choose the right variety of chains, rhinestones and pearls to do a nice mix.

Go put one above the other in the store and go with one picture for help !

In my shopping this past year end I took home the magazine style. I read the entire magazine, and noticed that one number in particular was present on many pages: The maxi chain necklace with pearl la Tom Binns!

It really is a powerful accessory that makes all the difference and give an instant air trendy any white t shirt !

This make me excited to put my hands to do. Long time I want do, but I was lazy, needed that little push ...

Then I went yesterday on my chest, and one store sell supply for jewelry. I absolutely loved it! ! Buy a thousand chains, pearls, beads and I made more the one necklaces.

The result of the mess you can see above