Jul 23, 2011

Easy solution

I needed a quick and easy solution to get my ever growing earring collection under control and up on the wall where's I can sees 'em! I didn't even remember I had all these earrings! They've been hidden in jewelry boxes, the boxes they came in, in a travel jewelry case I found that I never emptied after a trip! Obviously, I'm in need of a little organization, but until I can buy one of these suckers (we need a new dresser first) this was my solution using things I just had around the house.
What you'll need:
Some embroidery hoops of various sizes
lace or other open weave fabric
craft or fabric glue
fabric stiffening spray- I used a brand called "stiffen stuff" from a craft store

Ste1) Step
Place the fabric in the embroidery hoops where you'd like it and pull taught. I spent some time deciding how I wanted the designs to lay inside the hoop...
2) Setp
Once they're how you'd like them and pulled tight on all sides, spray the fabric thoroughly with the stiffening spray and let dry (this stuff took about an hour.)
3) Step
Once dry, the fabric should feel more stiff like a window screen- this step is the trick to making these easy to get your earrings in and out of and keeping them tight through the years.
4) Step
Cut the fabric around the hoops with a 1/4" or so border- as you can see, it really doesn't have to be neat. Place glue all around the inside edge and fold the fabric down tight- craft glue worked great on the wood hoop and I used a stronger fabric-specific glue on the plastic hoops.
5) Step
And once the glue dries, you're in business! Add earrings, bang some nails in the wall and you're done. Easy peasy pretty organization.

6) The end
I need to make one more big hoop to hold my BIG earrings (yes, I still have more!) but these have been working out pretty darn well so far. And I've been wearing earrings more often because of them too!

Now, what to do about all my necklaces... how do you ladies keep your jewelry organized
3) - Start by cutting the size of just 2 types of rhinestones and finalize with the tips

- You will also need a pair of pliers (if you have that to cut helps a lot), Jump Rings medium / big one, End caps, clasp bead, Lobster Clasp with ring, Split Ring and finalizing a great super glue.

1 Step

1) - I started picking them thicker chain and large rhinestones ($ 25.00 foot), then I got the pearls ($ 7.00), the small rhinestones (forgotten the price! (Ah Ah ah) and thin chains ($ 1.50 at $ 15.00 foot).

Note: I suggest purchasing the glass beads because, although more expensive, do not peel as easily and are more beautiful !


Do it by yourself

This necklace is not hard to do, the trick is to choose the right variety of chains, rhinestones and pearls to do a nice mix.

Go put one above the other in the store and go with one picture for help !

In my shopping this past year end I took home the magazine style. I read the entire magazine, and noticed that one number in particular was present on many pages: The maxi chain necklace with pearl la Tom Binns!

It really is a powerful accessory that makes all the difference and give an instant air trendy any white t shirt !

This make me excited to put my hands to do. Long time I want do, but I was lazy, needed that little push ...

Then I went yesterday on my chest, and one store sell supply for jewelry. I absolutely loved it! ! Buy a thousand chains, pearls, beads and I made more the one necklaces.

The result of the mess you can see above