Feb 3, 2010

Haiti !

"Every act of love saves mankind. "
You can not look at the life of each one as an isolated incident. We are all the work called "Earth" and we are all in one boat. The trees, animals, air, soil, sea, humans, everything and everyone are linked to each other's life by God's wonderful creation. Love is much broader than that which we give to those who are close, our children, parents, friends, our home . Given the magnitude of the universe this kind of love apears to be small , however, it is the basis of everything. You must treat the planet as we treat our living room or garden. No one in their right mind, places the kitchen garbage in the middle of the room, or steals the flowers grown in your garden, to sell for two cents. An ancient proverb from Kenya:
"Treat the earth well. She was not given to us by our parents. She was loaned to us by our children”.
3) - Start by cutting the size of just 2 types of rhinestones and finalize with the tips

- You will also need a pair of pliers (if you have that to cut helps a lot), Jump Rings medium / big one, End caps, clasp bead, Lobster Clasp with ring, Split Ring and finalizing a great super glue.

1 Step

1) - I started picking them thicker chain and large rhinestones ($ 25.00 foot), then I got the pearls ($ 7.00), the small rhinestones (forgotten the price! (Ah Ah ah) and thin chains ($ 1.50 at $ 15.00 foot).

Note: I suggest purchasing the glass beads because, although more expensive, do not peel as easily and are more beautiful !


Do it by yourself

This necklace is not hard to do, the trick is to choose the right variety of chains, rhinestones and pearls to do a nice mix.

Go put one above the other in the store and go with one picture for help !

In my shopping this past year end I took home the magazine style. I read the entire magazine, and noticed that one number in particular was present on many pages: The maxi chain necklace with pearl la Tom Binns!

It really is a powerful accessory that makes all the difference and give an instant air trendy any white t shirt !

This make me excited to put my hands to do. Long time I want do, but I was lazy, needed that little push ...

Then I went yesterday on my chest, and one store sell supply for jewelry. I absolutely loved it! ! Buy a thousand chains, pearls, beads and I made more the one necklaces.

The result of the mess you can see above