Jun 2, 2011

Object Of My Obsession

When I fall in LOVE with a jewelry designer, I fall HARD and designer Dominic Jones is the latest in a long line:

Subversive Jewelry, Pamela Love, Alexis Bittar, Made Her Think, Eddie Borgo.

The edgy, London-based Brit crafts sculpturally sound jewelry with a MAJOR dose of punk rock attitude.

Take, for example, the 22 karat white gold plated Knuckleduster seen above. Look quickly and you might think it was a clever take on the Batman logo, but, oh HEY, look again and it's ACTUALLY the marriage of two sharp, animalistic claws. Obsessed.com accurately describes how I feel about this ring.

If you feel as I feel about Dominic Jones (marry me, Dominic), you're in luck. There's a SWEET assortment of his designs available at The Outnet now, for a staggering 65% off. Sizes are selling out fast though, so buy a ticket and board the train
3) - Start by cutting the size of just 2 types of rhinestones and finalize with the tips

- You will also need a pair of pliers (if you have that to cut helps a lot), Jump Rings medium / big one, End caps, clasp bead, Lobster Clasp with ring, Split Ring and finalizing a great super glue.

1 Step

1) - I started picking them thicker chain and large rhinestones ($ 25.00 foot), then I got the pearls ($ 7.00), the small rhinestones (forgotten the price! (Ah Ah ah) and thin chains ($ 1.50 at $ 15.00 foot).

Note: I suggest purchasing the glass beads because, although more expensive, do not peel as easily and are more beautiful !


Do it by yourself

This necklace is not hard to do, the trick is to choose the right variety of chains, rhinestones and pearls to do a nice mix.

Go put one above the other in the store and go with one picture for help !

In my shopping this past year end I took home the magazine style. I read the entire magazine, and noticed that one number in particular was present on many pages: The maxi chain necklace with pearl la Tom Binns!

It really is a powerful accessory that makes all the difference and give an instant air trendy any white t shirt !

This make me excited to put my hands to do. Long time I want do, but I was lazy, needed that little push ...

Then I went yesterday on my chest, and one store sell supply for jewelry. I absolutely loved it! ! Buy a thousand chains, pearls, beads and I made more the one necklaces.

The result of the mess you can see above